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Mary Herlihy, New Milton BC


Vice President

Dorothy Bond, Brockenhurst BC


Past President

Mary Southgate, Braeside BC


Hon Secretary (Acting)

Sheila Leake, New Milton BC


Hon Treasurer

Jean Renyard, Waterside BC


League Secretary

Jenny Ollis, Braeside BC


Competition Secretary

Jude Winterburn, Brockenhurst BC


Match Secretary (Acting)

Janet Prince, New Milton BC


Events Secretary

Jean Nicholls, Waterside BC



Life Vice President

Rita Wye, Waterside Bowling BC

Jean Renyard, Honorary Treasurer
Jenny Ollis, League Secretary
Jude Winterburn, Competition Secretary

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The 2016 President's nominated charity:


Naomi House


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12/09/2016 : Final League Results and Competition Results.


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Dorothy Bond, Vice President
Mary Southgate, Past President
Sheila Leake, Match Secretary
Rita Wye, Life Vice President.  Awarded in recognition of 23 years of dedicated service to the New Forest Women's Bowling Association.

2016 Diary Dates


Coffee Morning:

Friday, 18th March

New Milton BC at 10.00


NFWBA Luncheon:

Wednesday, 19th October

South Lawn Hotel,

Milford on Sea



Friday, 4th November Brockenhurst BC at 10.30




Mary Herlihy, President